Parent-Child Lawsuits (SAPCR)

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling experiences an adult can have, but not having parental rights or being denied the opportunity to exercise existing rights, can present a challenging set of circumstances for both parents and the child or children.

Whether there’s strife among the parents, a great relationship between the parents, or questions as to the identity of the child’s father, there are options available to ensure that your legal rights are protected, to establish parentage, and/or to enforce accountability among one or both parents. If you’re looking for a solution to establish your parental rights, a SAPCR must be filed.

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Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR)

Texas lawyer for Father's RightsFor a lawfully recognized relationship between an unmarried parent and a child, a Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship must be initiated.

Without a SAPCR, fathers usually face a higher risk of being denied their parental rights. Even if the child is hospitalized, without a SAPCR being filed or parentage lawfully established, a father may be denied access to their child.

For some fathers, the only perceived drawback of filing a SAPCR is the court may order child support against the wishes of both parents, unless they’re living together as a family.

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Understanding Parental Rights

Houston Lawyer for Paternity RightsWhen the parents of a child aren’t married, both parents have equal, but general rights to the child. In situations where no court order or legal documents establishing parentage exists, a mother can keep a child from a father or vice versa, and/or a parent can skip out on their responsibilities with no consequence.

There are legal options available to protect parents from being denied their legal rights, to establish rights if they’re non-existent, and to establish paternity. If you’re a father that’s being denied visitation, a SAPCR might be the best option for you.

Establishing Paternity

For mothers, paternity is usually established during birth, but more importantly, on the birth certificate of the child. A father’s parentage may be established if they’re listed on the birth certificate of the child. However, if the father isn’t listed on the birth certificate of the child, the father can sign a document acknowledging their parentage (VS 159.1), or by taking a paternity DNA test. In most cases, Texas family courts will require both prior to adjudicating the father.

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Texas SAPCR LawyerSAPCR suits are complex and require the proper filing of numerous documents prior to starting the case. It’s imperative that you consult Attorney Tonya D. Jones, or another Houston family lawyer of equivalent experience, prior to filing anything. If you’re fighting for child custody, hoping to secure visitation rights or child support, a SAPCR will be involved.

Each suit affecting parent-child relations is different. Factors such as whether one of the parties lives out of state, whether the respondent decides to challenge the suit, and if there’s a divorce or not, will impact the nature in which we proceed. Call Jones Law, PLLC if you’re ready to review your options. We can be reached at 832-230-4210.

Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationships

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