Petition for Name Change

Often, after a divorce, marriage, or when children are adopted, a name change could be what’s needed to help a family or person to move on or grow as a single cohesive family unit. A number of our clients have told us that changing their name has helped them to start fresh or cut old ties.

If you believe a name change is best for you or a family member, Attorney Tonya D. Jones, an experienced Houston family lawyer, can assist you with the process and ensure minimal complications.

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The Name Change Process

As a Texas family law firm, we handle most name change litigation after marriage, during the adoption process, or as a component to a divorce decree. The State of Texas will allow a name change as an order of a divorce decree provided that the name was previously used prior to the marriage. For non-divorce related name change requests an Application for Change of Name Certificate must be obtained from the Harris County Clerk’s Office to start the process.

Once the process is completed, and as long as you’re not attempting to defraud creditors or escape criminal charges, changing your documented name with creditors, updating your driver license, and lawfully changing your name on other legal documents is now possible.

Seeking Legal Consultation About a Name Change?

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Houston name change lawyerIn Texas, depending on the circumstances, a legal name-change can be a complicated process.

Jones Law, PLLC will assist you with the name-change process and notify all necessary government agencies and offices to ensure a seamless experience for you.

Attorney Tonya D. Jones knows how to get the process completed quickly and will assist you with properly completing the required paperwork, which will eliminate delays.

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