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Complications associated with divorce proceedings are already complex to say the least, but are compounded when finances involving children, namely child support, become a component of litigation. Attorney Tonya D. Jones is a focused family lawyer who knows the ins and outs of divorce litigation involving child support, and can help with modifying existing child support orders.

As an experienced Houston child support lawyer, Attorney Tonya Jones is well aware of common concerns related to child support obligations and has a number of solutions available to Houstonians seeking professional legal help.

Whether you’re seeking help with having a child support order enforced or modified, we can assist.

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Understanding Child Support in Texas

There are a number of factors that may be considered by a Texas family court prior to ordering either party to pay any specified amount to financially support their children. Various factors such as day care expenses, health & medical related costs, education, siblings, and other factors can greatly affect the amount the court orders as payment.

A Mathematical Formula

In the State of Texas, the determination of the exact amount of the payment is generally based on a percentage of the paying party’s net resources and the number of children that require support.  Although there are a number of charts and formulas available on the internet, The Attorney General of Texas provides an excellent calculator which is free, and easy to use. We’ve linked to it for your convenience, below.

Monthly Child Support Calculator

Child Support Modifications

With the state of our economy in recent years, there have been a number of men and women who have sustained devastating and drastic changes in income and financial resources. Often, they aren’t aware that it’s possible to have their child support payments reduced or what is required to request such a change from the court.

In other cases, financial circumstances either improve, justifying an increase in payment; or the original order has been in place for at least three years, which at least warrants a child support review. Regardless of the situation, we’re ready to offer our best actionable advice to help you seek a righteous solution.

Payment Reductions

After final orders are issued in a divorce proceeding or suit affecting the parent-child relationship, child support payments may be modified every three years. If there has been a material and substantial change in the circumstances of either party, it may be possible to modify the existing order prior to the general three year rule.

If the financial circumstances of either party who was ordered to pay, has changed significantly, it may be grounds to petition the Houston family court for a payment reduction. This is often a common legal proceeding when the paying party has suffered job loss, drastic income reduction, layoff, or serious illness.

Payment Increases

It’s not uncommon for Houston family court judges to order increases in child support payments for various reasons. If one of the primary conservators can competently demonstrate a need for increased payment for child care, or if the paying party’s gross income has significantly increased, the court may order increased payments.

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